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Hudson Home Designs

Mirror Plan
#A221-B1 :: WOOD :: 2 Floors

First Floor: 2181 SQ. FT.
Second Floor: 1145 SQ. FT.
Total Living: 3326 SQ. FT.
Total Roofed: 5064 SQ. FT.
Width: 67' - 6"
Depth: 69' - 4"
Ridge Height: 29' - 4"
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Plan Details


  • Craftsmen / Bungalow
  • French Country
  • Historic


  • 2 Floors


  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • 1/2 Bathrooms: 0
  • Car Storage: 2


  • Siding
  • Shake
  • Brick
  • Average Window type: Single Hung


  • Covered Front Porch
  • Covered Rear Porch


  • First Floor: 2181
  • Second Floor: 1145
Total Living: 3326
  • Porches: 1115
  • Car & Storage: 623
Total Roofed: 5064


  • Width: 67'-6"
  • Depth: 69'-4"
  • Ridge Height: 29'-4"
  • Average Ceiling Height: 10'-0
  • Average Roof Pitch: 10
  • Roof Load: 15#
  • Exterior Framing: 2x4


  • South Central
  • Southeast


  • Garage
  • front inside


  • Open Floor Plan
  • Office / Study
  • Media Room
  • Balcony / Loft
  • Storage
  • Game Room
  • Mud Room
  • Volume/Vaulted


  • Breakfast
  • Island
  • Kitchen Walkin Pantry


  • Mother In Law Suite
  • His and Hers Closets


Sample Plan

What Is Included With This Set Of Plans:

Cover Sheet:

Protects the other documents within the set of plans. Typically shows a 3-D perspective view of the exterior of the project....

Foundation Plan:

Includes the complete foundation with dimensions, plumbing locations for slabs and reference details for foundation construction.  Also includes any specific construction notes or requirements to ensure proper installation. Does not include Structural Engineering stamp due to regional specification and requirements per local conditions. Typically, structural requirements can be obtained by local lumber supplier for little or no cost.


Exterior views from all four directions that include dimensions, height dimensions including the finished floor to the highest point of the structure.  Also includes all special construction notes, finishes and applicable elements that need extra detail to convey the design intent to construct in the field correctly.

Floor Plan(s):

Complete with dimensions of wall locations, windows, doors, cabinetry, and special construction elements. Notes including standard and special conditions tailored for the tradesmen in mind. We strive to give your contractor more dimensions than they need.

Roof Plan:

Complete with overhang dimensions, plate heights which remove the guesswork of how the roof is properly constructed.  Also includes roof pitches, notes for special conditions, roof square footage which is a big help estimating roof materials and reducing job site waste.

Rafter plan:
Complete with rafter lengths and a separate rafter cut list for a second to none accuracy of materials needed. This practice also aids the framer in selecting the proper lengths before cutting to minimize waste.


All relevant details including Cornice (eave) which are designed directly from each plan "we do not reuse details with each plan." we also include applicable enlarged details which need even more magnification in order to properly explain the design intent.

Interior Elevations:

Inside views of the structure, including cabinetry, electrical and any applicable special construction that needs that extra level of detail.

Floor and Ceiling joist Plan:

Complete with spans including sizes and direction.  Crawlspace and basement plans include Floor Joist.


Also known as a cut through the entire structure.  This explains in further detail how the structure is built and properly braced to ensure a safe home. Our practice also includes complete dimensions, notes, and any required special attention needed.

Electrical Plan:

Complete with layout and location of lights, switches, and plugs.  When we include wall plugs, we go beyond the code standards, which gives you more walls to choose to plug up your appliance.

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